by Matthew Kronsberg, The Wall Street Journal, July 2023.

“You’ll forage. You’ll cook. More than superficial restaurant visits, these trips-often led by celebrity chefs-offer the sort of deep dives pioneered by the late Anthony Bourdain.

New and improved food tours often put well-known chefs at the helm. New York-based Tour de Forks partnered with chef Anita Lo to lead their group trips to places like Liguria in Italy and the Yucatán, or even Long Island for a weekend. There, fans of Lo stayed at Mama Farm B&B, owned by the actress Isabella Rossellini, in Brookhaven, N.Y. The group visited a North Fork oyster farm and foraged for edible mushrooms, guided by a member of the Long Island Mycological Club.

To prepare their own dinner one night, attendees took a cooking class from Lo, learning to prep Long Island Crescent ducks, searing the breasts and making rillettes with the legs and thighs. A pasta dish featured fronds from a basketball-sized hen-of-the-woods mushroom they’d found earlier that day. A Wolffer Estate Vineyard expert expounded on local viticulture, and poured a steady stream of wine.”

by John A. Hernandez, Vacationer, February 2023.

10 Can't-Miss Culinary Adventures

Travel + Leisure Magazine, October 2018.


Our Favorite Culinary Getaways for the Inveterate Cook

by Nina Friend, Food and Wine Magazine, August 2018. 


A Food Lover's Guide to Emilia Romagna

by Kathy Squires, Fodor’s Travel, January 2015.

“Every country has its food capitals, especially in Europe. France has Lyon. Spain has San Sebastian. And Italy has Emilia-Romagna, the root of all things delizioso in the country. The region’s center is its sophisticated capital at Bologna, while the surrounding landscapes include the grassy flatlands that breed pigs for the region’s prized hams, and the verdant Apennines Mountains, where prized truffles populate the valleys.

The offerings in Emilia-Romagna, which sits just north of Tuscany, are so abundant, that it’s a good idea to savor it all with a food-focused tour operator, such as the highly regarded Tour de Forks, based out of the U.S. Whether going by guide or exploring on your own, let your appetite take the lead, and be sure to enjoy these 10 culinary treasures”.

Irpinia: Italy's Next Sweet Spot

by Maria Lisella, Recommend, January 2015.

“Known for its astonishing landscapes and deep blues, fabled islands and archaeological sites such as Pompeii, Herculaneum and Paestum, Campania’s true treasure may be the land-locked area called Irpinia, located within the province of Avellino in Italy.

This wine-producing paradise, nestled about an hour’s drive east of Naples, dates back to the Magna Grecia some 3,000 years ago…

Lisa Goldman, VP of Tour de Forks said, “This untouristed region is a gem and the DOCG wines (Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino, Greco di Tufo and Falanghina) are only half the story, the other is its food…”

Savoring San Sebastian

by Mary Winston, Luxury Travel Advisor, January 2014.


Exotic Culinary Tours

by Sarah Gold,, Dec 20th 2012.


The Constant Traveler

by Julie Mautner,, Dec 1st, 2011.

Hungry for Travel

by Julie Mautner, Food Arts Magazine, March 2009.

“…Melissa Joachim traveled the world for three years before founding Tour de Forks in 2001. Today she offers “Uncommon Epicurean Adventures” to Italy, France, Australia and India and reports that Sicily is her biggest seller. “Rome, Florence, and Venice are perennially popular”, she reports, “but Puglia, Emilia-Romagna, and Piedmont appeal to our more sophisticated travelers, as do Normandy and Brittany in France. Joachim has also gotten a great response to her Southern Indian trip, to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. “Each has distinctive traditions and exceptional cuisine,” she reports. Coming up are new programs in Turkey (Istanbul and Cappadocchia), Argentina (Mendoza region), Martinique, Tasmania, and a tour of South Africa’s Cape region with New York city based Michelin starred chef, Anita Lo.

Gastronomic Tour of

by Melanie Renzulli, Italofile, March, 2008

“You can eat well just about anywhere in Italy. But Italians know that Italy’s culinary heart lies in Emilia Romagna: ragu alla Bolognese, premium balsamic vinegar from Modena, Parma ham, parmigiano cheese, mortadella: all of these scrumptious items come from Emilia Romagna.

That’s why epicures who want to get the most out of an Italian tour may be interested in Tour de Forks’ Emilia Romagna Tour. This week-long tour, which takes place October 21-27, travels around Bologna, Modena, Parma, and Ravenna, giving guests a chance to sample the best of the region. We’re licking our lips at the thought of it…”

All-Star Sicily

by Hugh Garvey, Bon Appetit Magazine, September 2005.

New York based Tour de Forks is leading a guided trip this September to culinary hot spot Sicily. Highlights of the ten day trip include a visit to one of Palermo’s famous outdoor markets, a Sicilian degustation dinner at Il Duomo restaurant in the town of Ragusa, a cooking class with Giovanna Tornabene, and a wine-tasting jaunt to the island of Pantelleria.

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