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February, 2015

What a Great Time to Travel to Europe!

The exchange rate for the US dollar to the euro is at its best in over 11 years at $1.12, and all indications point to lower air fares for spring and fall travel. Why not make this the year you visit Italy, Spain or France? We develop the best culinary travel to Europe and are pleased to offer a one-hour complimentary consultation.

Be Inspired: Check out our sample itineraries and packages at and make your 2015 travel plans with us now.

Have An Insider's Experience: Not only have we eaten our way through every destination we sell, we speak the language and have a wealth of insider connections that we are ready to share with you.

Leave the Logistics to Us: We make travel seamless and easy for you by handling all your trip details, so contact us today at 888 345 3005.

The beach in East Hampton

The Fabulous Hamptons

May 4-7, Oct 19-22, & Nov 9-11

These trips are selling out quickly, so if you've always wanted to see and experience this marvelous seaside destination, call us now at 888 345 3005. You'll stay at the historic Bridgehampton Inn, a more than 200-year-old establishment which is owned by cookbook author Sybille van Kempen. Enjoy two hands-on cooking classes with celebrated Chef Arie Pavlou, who was schooled at the Cordon Bleu, Paris and worked under a 2 star chef in Paris. You'll also visit Wölffer Estate, an award-winning winery located on a former potato farm. With its old farmhouse and boarding stables, it breathes old-world charm. The afternoon ends with a tour of an artisanal dairy specializing in raw milk cheeses made from its herd of Jersey cows. The final evening's main event is a tasting dinner paired with organic wines from the North Fork. In your free time, take a pilates class, go whale watching or simply take a barefoot walk on the beach. For more details click here, or email

Le Carnaval de Limoux

Carnival in Limoux, France

When you think of France, what comes to mind first? Paris, wine, cheese, the Eiffel Tower, carnival? Not many people know about the carnival in a small town located in the Languedoc-Rouissillon region, not too far from Carcassonne. It's the longest carnival celebration in France. The Limoux Carnival, originating in the 14th century, takes place every Saturday and Sunday for three months. This year the carnival started on January 11 and will end with a big celebration on March 22.

The festivities are held at 11:00 am, 4:30 pm and the 10:00 pm with a torchlit parade. The elaborate masks and costumes echo those from Venice. The confetti that decorates the revelers hair and shoulders reminds us of New Orleans. Almost every citizen in Limoux takes part in the celebrations and each weekend has a different 'bande' who decides on the music and the theme of their special days.

The crowning event is the La Nuit de la Blanquette. The straw "King" who has been presiding over the carnival is burned so that everyone is given a pardon for the various excesses and 'sins' they may have committed during the preceding 11 weeks.

If you are ready for a winter getaway, February and March are great months to visit France and to join the party in Limoux!